The Magic of a Flower

It’s beauty brings a smile to my face as I run my weekly errands that I sometimes dread. My mind drifts away momentarily to a peaceful place I when I see its radiance. Being pessimistic though I wonder when it will die, but every week I see there are more flowers there to greet me. … More The Magic of a Flower


I use to hear people saying this silly phrase all the time. WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?!?! You only live once? Does that mean you live carelessly and do whatever you want? For me, as I get older, it means finally learning to live my life. I have normally done what I was told and lived … More Y.O.L.O.

New Journey

Today I am finally doing it. I am starting my blog. It has no rhyme or reason to it. Just something I want to do. I was always worried about people judging me or correcting my spelling errors or saying I was grammatically incorrect. Who cares! This isn’t English class. So what if I teach … More New Journey