Fitness after 40

When I was younger working out was so much fun. Doing crunches was nothing to me! Didn’t really care for cardio and running too much then, but I could jump rope until my heart was content. I would even play my music and jump rope while singing to the beat! It wasn’t exercise to me. … More Fitness after 40

Wilted Rose

I still can’t figure out how it came to this. Time is passing by now and I’m slowing feeling better. Break ups really can be rough! I have cried so many tears. It’s cool though. Time to move on to the next phase of my life. During this healing phase I truly have been miserable! … More Wilted Rose

Why I choose to blog

There wasn’t one specific reason for me starting a blog. It was just an interest of mine. I’ve seen other people do it and I love how they express themselves so creatively. Many of these people are not professionals. They are just everyday people who are very talented in my opinion. My daughter started one … More Why I choose to blog