Fitness after 40

When I was younger working out was so much fun. Doing crunches was nothing to me! Didn’t really care for cardio and running too much then, but I could jump rope until my heart was content. I would even play my music and jump rope while singing to the beat! It wasn’t exercise to me. … More Fitness after 40

Lessons Learned

You can’t always blame someone else for your broken heart. Let’s take the time to truly analyze the relationship and see what really went wrong. What were the signs that you chose to ignore because you were so in love? Did he or she lie to you or did they tell you the truth and … More Lessons Learned

Wilted Rose

I still can’t figure out how it came to this. Time is passing by now and I’m slowing feeling better. Break ups really can be rough! I have cried so many tears. It’s cool though. Time to move on to the next phase of my life. During this healing phase I truly have been miserable! … More Wilted Rose

Why I choose to blog

There wasn’t one specific reason for me starting a blog. It was just an interest of mine. I’ve seen other people do it and I love how they express themselves so creatively. Many of these people are not professionals. They are just everyday people who are very talented in my opinion. My daughter started one … More Why I choose to blog

The Magic of a Flower

It’s beauty brings a smile to my face as I run my weekly errands that I sometimes dread. My mind drifts away momentarily to a peaceful place I when I see its radiance. Being pessimistic though I wonder when it will die, but every week I see there are more flowers there to greet me. … More The Magic of a Flower