Tutoring from home

Did you know that it is possible to tutor people to speak English from home? I have been doing this for a while now. It is actually a very cool job! This job is about helping others to learn to speak English through casual conversation.

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The students are normally adults from all around the world. They will let you know what topic they would like to talk about.  Usually they just want to share about their day. Your job is to make sure they are speaking English properly. You may have students who may want to prepare for tests or learn about a topic that you don’t have knowledge about. That’s OK! There is a resource library available to help you if you need specific information. If you don’t feel comfortable helping the student, just let them know. There are plenty of tutors. There will be another student waiting to speak to you soon.

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Video chatting is required, so you will need a laptop or computer to work from.   You are not able to work from your phone. Remember you will be on live chat; therefore you should dress casually when working. You will log on for your shift and calls come in.  After you introduce yourself, you start the topic of the student’s choice. Personally, I like it. It’s fun, because there is no set curriculum. In addition, the schedule is very flexible.  You set your own hours and can log on to work whenever you want. On top of all that, you get paid weekly!

Some people get hired really quickly with Cambly while others have waited a few months. It’s been really busy lately due to COVID-19 and so many people being at home. If you are interested in applying you can learn more at https://www.cambly.com/en/tutors?referralCode=michelle1103