Online Fitness Fad

Have you noticed that there are a lot of online fitness videos popping up since we have been on lock down due to COVID-19? Some people could see it as being slightly annoying to be honest. When I think about it, it’s really no different than seeing numerous gym commercials popping up on the television between your favorite television shows. Let’s talk more about these videos. Why are there so many though? Well, we know there is not a one size fits all for many things. It’s great to have options. I have seen online videos and classes for martial arts, yoga, dancing, tai chi, and so much more.

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What are your interest? Staying active is just as important now while we are cooped up in our homes as it was before when we were busy in our day-to-day lives before the virus hit. Choosing the right exercise that suit your needs is very important. It may be simply walking in your own yard or home daily. I have tried a variety of dance classes so far, such as hula dancing, belly dancing and hip hop dancing. In addition, I have tried Soca, Salsa, and African dancing.

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They have been very fun! The perks of taking an online class, for me, is that if it’s too much for me to handle I can just leave without any pressure or embarrassment. It can be a little more challenging when you are older to stay fit but it can be done. I will admit though there is an accountability issue! When you are home alone, there is no one to give you that push you need. Online classes motivated me to stay active, have fun and stay as fit as possible during this crisis. Let’s keep moving and get healthy and fit.

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