My love for ESL

I had already gotten hired with one company working as an ESL teacher. Boy, was I excited!! At the same, time all of this was very knew to me. I had several years of teaching under my belt already, but teaching online was truly new to me. I spent day and night researching on the internet and learning more about ESL companies. Wow! This was amazing to me. I had never heard of this type of teaching before in my life! I found group forums with other experienced teachers who answered many of my questions. I learned so much from them. Many of the other teachers juggled more than one job for several reasons. Some had personal reasons, while others just wanted or needed more income. A few of the teachers said they needed the job security. This made sense to me! I began job hunting too. After all, some of these ESL teachers were former principals, brick and mortar teachers, other professionals or stay at home parents. I was new to this ball game! I took their advice. Unsuccessfully, I interviewed at a couple companies and had no luck! I kept following the advice and guidance of my coworkers and finally landed a position with as an ESL teacher with Qkids!

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I was off to great start with this company, and things were moving fast! There was a lot of training in the beginning. It was all very overwhelming to me, but I was so eager to learn it and do my job efficiently. Of course, I was a total goofball in the beginning now that I think about it! Eventually, I relaxed more and just let my instinct kick in along with my teaching experience and training. You know when you met someone and you really want to impress them but it’s too much!?!?! THAT WAS ME! I would look back at my evaluations and think ‘ well gosh, that was just silly of me’.

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It really helps to be open to feedback as well. Be adaptable and willing to grow. I am so happy I got hired with this company. They are a great company to work for. It’s been a couple years now and I still love my job. Don’t get me wrong, not every day is perfect, but the majority of the days I really enjoy teaching. This company is a great fit for me. It has flexible hours and not to mention awesome pay! I enjoy the seeing a variety of students each day. I have a few certifications, so I don’t get bored. There is always something to make me laugh. Believe me these children can bring a smile to your face. They are precious! The younger ones are full of energy and life. The older students are so inquisitive. Not only am I educating the students, but I am learning too. They teach me about their culture. When you think about it, it’s really beautiful. While teaching isn’t for everyone, I am glad that this IS my journey in life. I hope to meet some of my students face-to-face one day when I travel abroad.

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