Seeing the glass half full during the pandemic

During a time like this there is so much negativity in the world. It can be very challenging to find joy and happiness.  There is so much sadness that one could focus on.  It takes a lot of energy to try to focus on the positive side of this pandemic.  With the glass being half full, some families may have more quality time with their families. Many of us are concerned about finances and even our health from day to day activities and/or interactions with others when we do have to venture out for errands.  Just know that even worrying can be detrimental to your health as well.  Regardless of how you feel about staying at home during the pandemic, we must take care of ourselves. Find something that brings you joy and happiness.  If you like to read maybe you can catch up on some reading. It can even be business or work related. Just stay focused and try to use your time wisely. It’s just as hard for me too. Some days, I wake up, and look out the window and think to myself ‘damn, here we go again.’ (insert fake smile).  Once I start my day and get moving it gets better though usually. Many days are better than others. What I do know is,”the sun will always shine inside of me if I allow it. “I just have to work harder to remove the clouds.


Here are some ideas that I came up with that are helping me to bring smiles on my children’s faces and mine. We watch movies together. We started creating more arts and crafts. This is not just something for small children. I have college aged children too! You just have to choose age appropriate projects, such as cooking, baking, or even learning to code. Learn to use a new app. The older children can even start a little business on eBay, amazon, or etsy like my teens did.

woman in white button up shirt wearing black framed eyeglasses holding sketchpad
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Learn to sew. Start a garden, even if it’s a small indoor garden. Did you know that you can garden with water, not just dirt? It’s called hydroponics! Don’t forget simply talking.  For the adults there are many free activities online such as free music events, dance lessons, exercise classes, and even art class.  There is so much you can do during this time. Just tap into your creative mind and explore. Just have fun and keep smiling.