Lessons Learned

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You can’t always blame someone else for your broken heart. Let’s take the time to truly analyze the relationship and see what really went wrong. What were the signs that you chose to ignore because you were so in love? Did he or she lie to you or did they tell you the truth and you created a total different image in your head? Infidelity or various types of abuse are a different topic. Sometimes we really just want that instant, perfect relationship and we do anything that we can to believe that he or she is the one. In the end we only hurt ourselves. In some cases children are involved once time passes.

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Love can be so beautiful when it’s with the right person. You really have to take the time to get to know someone. Then when you get to know that person, if you don’t like who they are just leave! Don’t settle for something or someone you are not happy with. You will only be fooling yourself. Also, don’t be fooled thinking that you can change someone. I tried this. Man! I really tried this. I prayed for them. Yes, I prayed and prayed and prayed. God please help them. Ok, was that a bad thing? No! The problem here is that that person is not going to change until they are ready too! You can’t force them to do anything they don’t want to do. Some people just don’t understand this. No amount of begging, crying, pleading or anything will make that person change. They have to do it on their own when they are ready. Love just doesn’t have to be that complicated. Now don’t get me wrong, no relationship is perfect. You will pick and chose your battles as the saying goes, but find someone who loves you and supports you. Find someone who is not afraid to show the world how much he or she absolutely adores you. Find someone who wants to spend 100+ years with you and still be in love with you when you are old and wrinkled. That’s amazing true love like my grandparents had. Learn from your lessons. They are there for a reason. They help you to grow and become wiser. Teach them to your children so they can teach their children.  That’s love all around.

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