Wilted Rose

I still can’t figure out how it came to this. Time is passing by now and I’m slowing feeling better. Break ups really can be rough! I have cried so many tears. It’s cool though. Time to move on to the next phase of my life. During this healing phase I truly have been miserable! At first, I cleaned nonstop, anything I could possibly find. That got old really quick though. Then I started moping and crying. No, no, no! “Get up”, I would tell myself. You can fight this. It’s really hard when you love someone so much. I really don’t even think he knows how much I love him but it’s not like it even matters now. Walking away is the best thing. My girl friend gave me tips for “game” I could play. Who has time for that mess? Maybe I’m just lazy or don’t know enough about how things are done these days. Eventually I will heal. Maybe I will find a new friend or lover later down the road. One thing I know for sure is that true love never dies. There will always be a space for him in my heart even though we may never be a couple again.