VIPKID – How I Got Started

Unhappy with my current job working from home, I desperately job hunted for something that would better suit me. Sadly, it was the same type of jobs that I was use to seeing. Yet, I was thankful to see plenty of options. I began to make my list so that I could narrow it down later and start applying. I saw one job that really peaked my interest. It was teaching online. The ad even said I could make about $2000 a month. Well, I was truly giving this ad the side eye, but it sounded so cool! I knew about online teaching from local universities and distant learning type schools, but this just did not seem real to me. Anyway, skeptically, I applied but I gave the application my best effort! To my surprise I heard back from the company in just a few weeks. Are you kidding me? I had normally been working call centers from home that I did not enjoy at all but they paid the bills! The pay sucked too. Now I could possibly work at a job in a field I truly love. Well, I responded to that email as quick as I could. I was so full of excitement.  I read every detail making sure it was REAL, like SOMEBODY PINCH ME PLEASE! After completing the detailed interview process I finally got hired and believe me I cried!

man and woman handshakeIt was a dream come true.  I already absolutely love teaching! To be able to teach from home was an even bigger perk. That pay is great too. It’s been about nine months since I have been with the company and I have learned so much about being an ESL (English as Second Language Teacher). This has been so amazing to me to meet so many children online and learn about their culture and history. I can’t wait to see where this takes me.

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