Why I choose to blog

woman lying on green grass while holding pencil

There wasn’t one specific reason for me starting a blog. It was just an interest of mine. I’ve seen other people do it and I love how they express themselves so creatively. Many of these people are not professionals. They are just everyday people who are very talented in my opinion. My daughter started one and I thought it was cool. She loves to talk and can voice her thoughts and opinions very well. No way can I do this! Or could I? It took me forever, so it seems to understand this blogging concept. Silly me. I thought to myself this could be a way for me to express those voices in my head that keep knocking and screaming LET ME OUT, LET ME OUT! So I decided to share some of my inner thoughts with you. They may humor you from time to time.

My friend is very smart and says I could make money blogging. I’ve researched some of the possibilities. I know it may sound corny, but blogging is about me expressing myself. It’s a way for me to be heard when I feel people won’t listen. Yes, I know every one won’t read my blogs, but having at least one persons’ undivided attention for a few moments means a lot. I have some very sharp, and witty friends who are gung ho and really make things happen in life. I have my talents too, but I also move at my own pace.

girls on desk looking at notebook

Blogging is like a growth chart to me. What? Huh? Ok, let me explain that. Remember reading something you wrote back when you were in grade school or high school, now think about how advanced your writing has become now. You are wiser. You have a more extensive vocabulary and you may have a different view on many things in life. That’s growth! I use to write about love and romance when I was younger because that was my focus. I also wrote about pain and sorrow too because I took the scenic route in life as some people would say. Despite those bumps and bruises I have little regrets from my life’s journey. Now I can write about my experiences and hopefully share some wisdom with others. Well, that’s it. That’s why I choose to blog. Nothing deep, just personal.