I use to hear people saying this silly phrase all the time. WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?!?! You only live once? Does that mean you live carelessly and do whatever you want? For me, as I get older, it means finally learning to live my life. I have normally done what I was told and lived a very sheltered life. In a way, that was very good. In another way, I missed out on a lot. I remember a few years ago at the movie theater, I wiggled in my seat as I attempted to get comfortable and the woman next to me whispered that the seat reclines. Wow! How embarrassing! Like who doesn’t know that the seats recline at the movie theaters at my age? Even though that is a small example, I think of all the things I haven’t done in life. I think of all the places I haven’t gone in life. I want to travel and see places in the world that others talk about. Maybe one day I too can go to Las Vegas and waste $50 bucks gambling and become rich! You didn’t think I was going to be too wild, did you? I want to go to Oregon, California, Florida and New York, just because! To me, Y.O.L.O. means it’s time for me to live my life now. It’s time for me to experience some fun. Hopefully it will happen and I will take some pictures and scream Y.O.L.O even if people don’t say that any more.