New Journey

Today I am finally doing it. I am starting my blog. It has no rhyme or reason to it. Just something I want to do. I was always worried about people judging me or correcting my spelling errors or saying I was grammatically incorrect. Who cares! This isn’t English class. So what if I teach English. Class isn’t in right now. I just want to let my hair down and relax, vent and talk…well, type. Do you understand that? I hope to find my way as I start my journey with blogging. Some days I am happy and some days I am not, so I guess I can say I am pretty normal. My focus here is to keep it light so I hope you enjoy this too. I will warn you now that it won’t be perfect as I am learning along the way. So please bear with me. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. Thanks for coming along with me. CYBERHUGS!

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